Our Minister

I came to North Warwickshire in 2018 after serving as University Chaplain at the University of Hertfordshire for 20 years. I was born in Gloucestershire, gained my first degree in Bristol (in Cellular Pathology) and continued studies in Cambridge, Oxford, Newcastle and then Hertfordshire. My first ministry was in Northumberland, followed by a move to Essex before taking up my role in chaplaincy.

I am passionate about helping churches engage with their community and developing leadership. Mission is the work of the whole people of God! At the heart of the life of the Church is its worship, so this has to be both relevant and engaging as well as grounded in God’s Word. Being an enthusiast for the idea of learning throughout life it’s perhaps not surprising that I gained my doctorate a few years ago – looking at the theology of John Calvin. It has been a joy and privilege to be appointed Chaplain to the local Sea Cadets, and it is good to be able to help their work with young people.

I enjoy being active, especially in the outdoors (where we can appreciate the glory of God’s creation). I am a keen canoeist (I have paddled wild rivers in Canada and the United States as well as various parts of Europe) and training as a Hill and Moorland Leader. I am also a qualified American Football coach, and currently I am the Defensive Line Coach for the Coventry University Jets. Through the lockdown I have even started running – accompanied by my wife, Fiona.

One unexpected outcome of the COVID lockdowns for me was the chance to produce recordings to accompany our singing for online worship, some of which you can find on SoundCloud.