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Lent Reflection – Fourth Sunday

In the dark of night…a light.In the quiet time…a word of wisdom.In the midst of doubt…a truth.In a broken world…a saviour. Come, Son of God,lead us into light.Come, Lamb of […]

Lent Reflection – Third Sunday

Gentle Jesus, meek and mild…as if.He loved the unlovable.He welcomed the untouchable.He challenged the unquestionable.He subverted and overturned assumptions.Come Jesus, upset the altars of my false godsand make my heart […]

Lent Reflection – Second Sunday

We are the legacy.We are the gift.We are the covenant.For Jesus has no body but ours,no hands, no feet on earth but ours.Ours are the eyes through which he sees […]

Lent Reflection – First Sunday

We are to be a rainbow people.Light scattered, beautifully.An archway between earth and heaven.A sign of hope and promise.A symbol of an everlasting covenant.A harmony of colours. Reading: Genesis 9:8-17 […]

A reflection for Ash Wednesday

Lent begins with recognising where we are. Lent begins in ashes and repentance.Lent begins in walking the pilgrim’s path.Lent begins with a small step.Lent begins in my heart and mind. Reading: […]

Candlemas … again

The sight of snowdrops (a.k.a. Candlemas Bells) reminds us that we are back at Candlemas again. While Candlemas doesn’t feature a great deal in the calendar of the Reformed churches, […]

Wood Sorrel on woodland floor


Walking in woodland in Bannau Brycheiniog one day last week Fiona and I spotted a small white flower with pink veins and we paused for a few moments to identify […]

Candlemas Bells

Walking in Wales at the weekend Fiona and I came across an incredible patch of snowdrops. They were in woodland as we worked our way down from the Iron-age hill […]

Christingle Service at Old Meeting

On Sunday 18th December 2022 we gathered at Old Meeting URC to make, bless and light our Christingles. It was a lovely service, and wonderful to share with many of […]

Mince pies on a plate

The Great Mince Pie Giveaway!

It’s back! The Great Mince Pie Giveaway in Nuneaton Market will take place on Wednesday 21st December from 10am. TGMPG is a joint effort of Churches in Nuneaton and we […]

Sunday 3rd April

Our worship for Sunday 3rd April, the 5th Sunday in Lent, comes from Horeston Grange, where our readings get us thinking about the action of Mary in anointing Jesus’ feet […]

Morning Worship – 27th March 2022

Our Morning Service for the fourth Sunday in Lent, which is also Mothering sunday, comes from Old Meeting URC, Bedworth. Today we are thinking about the Prodigal Son and grumbling […]