Christmas is coming!

We are rapidly approaching the beginning of Advent, which means that Christmas is not far away. Advent is traditionally a time for preparation, to bring to mind the significance of Jesus’ coming among us in his birth at Bethlehem. And this year it will be time to start something new asAdvent Sunday (November 28th) will see our first Pastorate Evening Service.

Even though this is a time for cold dark nights we have a chance for a little light and warmth as, over the months of the pandemic we have discovered how modern technology (yes, phones do count as modern technology!) has enabled us to stay together as a community of God’s people. Now we can make use of this as we move forward and join together from wherever we are. The idea is that, as a trial, we will have one Sunday evening service a month on Zoom for the four churches. Normally the service will be around 30 minutes long, including hymns and a reading or two and a time for reflection.

I’m hoping that we can have a range of people leading the reflections, to reflect our varied membership (you don’t have to wait to be asked – let me know if you would be willing to share a few thoughts as part of this worship). The plan is that this should be an informal and welcoming time together in God’s presence. Normally we will start at 6pm, using the same Zoom details as we use for our morning services, although in December (on the 19th) it will be slightly later as we will be sharing the Service of Lessons and Carols at Horeston Grange. Please put the dates (below) in your diary and join us in this new adventure.

In addition, looking back to the earlier part of this year we had another successful use of Zoom to bring us together in prayer and reflection in ‘Faithful Fridays’, where we took a little time out at 12 noon to read the Bible and pray together, and we will do this again for Advent this year. Each session will be about 15 minutes long. Starting on Friday 3rd December, and then every week until Christmas Eve you are invited to take part either by joining in the Zoom meeting or wherever you are, so that we can know that we are listening to God’s word and praying together as we prepare to celebrate Christ’s coming among us.

Sunday 28th November – 6.00pm Advent Carols and prayers on Zoom

Friday 3rd December – 12 noon Faithful Fridays: Hope

Friday 10th December – 12 noon Faithful Fridays: Peace

Friday 17th December – 12 noon Faithful Fridays: Joy

Sunday 19th December – 6.30pm Lessons and Carols from Horeston Grange

Friday 24th December – 12 noon Faithful Fridays: Love

Saturday 25th December – 9.30am Christmas Morning from the Manse

Please email me if you need the details of the Zoom meeting

May this Advent and Christmas be a time of renewal and growth, and a time when we know God’s presence for each one of us.

God bless,


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