Weddings, Blessings & Aniversaries


Preparing to get married is an exciting time and many couples feel that they want to cement their relationship before God as well as recognising it in law. Any marriage service held here is in the context of a Christian act of worship. The purpose of the service is to declare God’s presence in the lifelong and faithful union in marriage, to ask for God’s blessing in embarking on this new journey, and to celebrate the love of God which is at the heart of a Christian marriage.

We can accommodate weddings large and small and can offer a wedding service that is special to you as a couple

Every wedding is different because each couple is different. We encourage couples to think out all the details including music and readings to reflect their own special concerns. This also gives an opportunity to explore and deepen their relationship with God

We encourage couples to attend some Sunday services before the wedding so that they can get to know the minister and build a relationship with the people at the church who will be praying for them as they prepare for their wedding.

Whenever anyone who marries here asks for guidance, we are ready to listen, encourage and pray for them

We welcome couples who want to marry in church although, at present, none of our churches are registered for same-sex marriages.

There is a charge for the use of:
 a church
 A minister,
 an organist, (optional) 
 the authorised person (registrar).

Each church has a variety of rooms that can be booked separately for receptions, along with kitchen facilities. (with your own or our catering) 
Please ask for details.

Wedding Blessings:

We are also happy to give a church blessing to civil marriages, and would work with you to plan a service to meet your needs.
Along with a reception if required (see above)

Celebrating a Wedding Anniversary:

A wedding anniversary is a real opportunity to give thanks to God for a marriage, to re-affirm wedding vows, and to re-commit to each other. All these occasions can be celebrated and accommodated in a meaningful way in a service of worship with reception if required.

If you would like to talk further about arranging a wedding or blessing at one of our churches, please pop into the church or leave a message on the church phone. (See contact page). Or you can message us from the contact us page.